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Garage doors that are not working right often tell you they are not working. Whether the garage door is noisy (louder than normal), slow to open and close, or sticking along the way.

Sometimes it’s harder to know why the garage door is not working right. Maybe it opens a little and then closes again or the light blinks and it doesn’t open or close.

A garage door that is broken or not working right can be a security risk. What’s more, it can be a security risk that anyone can see from the outside. That’s why we focus on getting things done when you need them. We have the expertise to repair your garage door and the integrity to let you know when it’s worth it to replace your garage door. So if your garage door is not working, has spring damage or major damage from a storm or accident, contact us right away. We will be honest and up-front about what you need and get the job done right for you.

What Do Some Common Garage Door Problems Mean?

Knowing a little more about what is wrong with your garage door can help you know what to expect of the repair or replacement. It can also help you stay safe when it comes to your garage door. Here are a few common garage door problems and what they mean:

  • Noisy Door – Garage doors can be noisy in a couple of ways. A louder rolling sound can just mean the tracks need to be greased. We make sure to use the right grease so you don’t have to do it again soon. A garage door shaking can be noisy, and points to grease, motor issues, or alignment issues. A noisy garage door may not go out right away, but can cause stress on the motor.
  • Blinking Light – If a garage door won’t open or close all the way and the light blinks, it may be a couple of things. Sensors could be slightly misaligned. The rails may need to be greased. It may even mean problems in the spring. A garage door that won’t open or close and blinks may not cause physical damage, but may get worse over time and leave you stuck open or closed.
  • Broken Garage Door Spring – When a garage door spring breaks, it is noticeable. It’s loud and very visible. Signs a garage door spring may break soon can include the door moving slowly (or feeling heavy), the strings hanging loose, gaps in the spring itself and the garage door being crooked. A garage door spring has a lot of force and can be dangerous and is the major cause of garage door injuries.
  • Garage Door Opener – If your garage door opener or remote have stopped working, it may be something as simple as batteries or a power outage. Sometimes it may point to a more serious electrical issue. Garage door openers or remotes not working can be frustrating, and often an easy repair for a garage door professional.

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